Order Management Software and Solutions

Automating Each Step in Any Order Process
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Call Center AI Client J&B Medical Supply
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Order processing and fulfillment is different from industry to industry, but intelligent self-service solutions are advanced enough to handle the unique aspects of your business. Whether you automate order entry, reorders, order status, recurring order setup, delivery alerts, or some other piece of the process, the simplicity of AI powered customer service is a great complement to the customer experience.
Automate order status processes with an intelligent IVR that uses business specific language

Automate Processes with Business Specific Language

Automate order status updates for customers to present current inventory and product information to customers

Present Up-To-Date Inventory and Product Information

Call Center Automation Frees up Agents to Upsell High Value Items to Customers

Free Up Agents to Upsell High Value Items

Process Payments Over the Phone With Secure PCI Compliant Automation

Process Payments Securely Over the Phone

How order management solutions are being used today


A nutritional supplies company uses an Order Management solution to accept new orders, make changes to existing ones, and make a rebuttal offer to customers cancelling their service – saving the sale.


An office supplies retailer needed a portal to accept calls regarding returns on purchases made by both consumers and enterprises. The solution captures item information, supplies a mailing label via email, and confirms refunds.

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