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Artificial Intelligence in Retail

The Virtual Agent Empowering Retail’s Finest

From tough billing questions to updating shipping addresses, retail brands looking to automate simple-to-complex live agent transactions turn to SmartAction. Our AI-powered Virtual Agents are trusted to deliver the industry’s highest self-service rates and customer experience scores.

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Proven use cases delivered off the shelf.

Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Intelligent Front Door

Greet customers, understand intent, and route accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Order Management

Locate orders, changing shipping addresses, cancellations, returns and more.

Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Billing & Collections

Remind customers of upcoming bills, complete PCI-Compliant payments, set-up payment arrangements, and provide extensions.

Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Rewards & Account

Provide points balances, activate cards, update profile information, and reset passwords.

TechStyle Fashion Group saves $1.1m a year with AI-Powered Virtual Agents

DSW Improved their CSAT by 30% through Conversational AI

Purchasing Power improved their Net Promoter Score by 17%

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Mike Gamez

GMS Member Solutions Manager

“Any benchmark we created would have been easily surpassed. By partnership with SmartAction, we feel confident to say we are in good hands.”